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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carina Single Firewall ₱ 3,378,232 Floor Area - 72 sqm/ Lot Area - 94 sqm
Carmela Single Firewall ₱ 3,177,921 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Celandine Single Firewall ₱ 2,650,000 to 4,150,000 Floor Area - 72 sqm/ Lot Area - 144 sqm
Charmomile Single Firewall ₱ 2,185,126 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 96 sqm
Drina Single Firewall ₱ 3,572,119 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Rina Single Firewall ₱ 1,736,093 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Rosemary Single Firewall ₱ 2,047,878 Floor Area - 31 sqm/ Lot Area - 84 sqm
Cranberry Single Firewall ₱ 2,339,016 Floor Area - 50 sqm/ Lot Area - 132 sqm
Marga Single Firewall ₱ 1,926,339 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 63 sqm
Margarita Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,300,000 to 2,150,000 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Margarita Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,060,000 to 1,750,000 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Mara Single Firewall ₱ 2,655,640 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Reana Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,100,000 to 2,000,000 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Reana Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 2,129,956 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : No Down, No Interest
24 months to pay
Option 2: ( 20 – 80 Scheme )
20% DP over 12 months
80% Remaining balance payable thru BF

Camella Heights is an affordable gated residential space that is perfect for first time buyers. It is developed by Camella Homes which is known for its affordable yet comfortable residential buildings. It is a great place for the young professionals with so many offices and companies located close by as well for newly wedded couples and expanding families. The property rate is expected to soar high in the coming years due to more industrialization and growth. It is a perfect place to invest.

The residential units are currently in its pre-selling stage and all of them are well furnished with necessary amenities. The residential units range from 36 square meters to 144 square meters in terms of their lot size and the price range also vary from Php 1.2 to 3M. The developers provide great options for the buyers to make the payments either as installments or in full cash as per the convenience of the client.

The residential space is surrounded by serene nature and has number of public transportation option close by. It has number of educational institutions like schools or colleges, universities, hospitals, church, shopping malls, markets etc. all located within the close proximity. It is even the perfect place for historians as there are so many wonderful landmarks present around the place. It has an ideal location that is away from all the city madness yet not that far from the city. It has nice amenities like swimming pool, basketball court, playground etc. to encourage leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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